Vanke Nantou Gallery

  • Nantou, Shenzhen, China

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Nantou Ancient Town Renovation and Upgrade is a project launched to inherit the historical context for more than a thousand years and recapture the memory of Shenzhen city. As a local emerging de-sign studio, Various Associates was entrusted to participate in the cluster renovation of the Project led by Vanke. The studio has completed an "urban memory exhibition hall" in the core area at Nanbei Street — the demonstration section of the Project.


In the context of urbanization, Nantou has now become an "urban village" — a living quarter for new immigrants to the city. The "urban village" is a place of paradox, which seems to be disorderly but is full of vigor. Various Associates respected site conditions, traced the origin of culture, and tried to inject the new to the place via adaptive regeneration strategies.