ATLATL Future Waiting Hall

  • Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Pudong, Shanghai

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Considering special features of users and industries that the project serves, the client requested a futuristic spatial atmosphere. The definition of the notion about time is the key of the project: What's future? What's past? There are different understandings on "futuristic" at different times. In modern era, mankind's imagination of future has always been connected to mega images, such as universe, celestial bodies, and the trace of time.Currently, our cognition has been unable to catch up with the rapid transformation and changes in this VUCA world. VUCA is an acronym that stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.


Comparing with past and present, "future" is a concept of time that will never come. Our imagination of technology and future in all aspects is composed of a series of scenes. As approaching the project, Various Associates utilized elements that are often associated with modern people's imagination of future, including circles, curves, dome ceiling and traces, to create more intuitive "futuristic' scenes and ambience in the space.